Innovative Funding Solutions

A better funding solution for high-potential early-stage companies.

How I Would Fund That Works

For Early-Stage Companies

A better funding mechanism through Institutional Investment Banking.

For Retainer Lenders

A unique opportunity to receive an equity stake in high-potential early-stage companies in exchange for a short-term loan to fund the Institutional Investment Banking process.

Early-Stage Companies

Apply For Funds

• Contact the IWFT team to submit an application.

• After a two-stage review, if your company is approved you will become an “Approved Client.”

Get Funded

IWFT will find a “Retainer Loan Investor” to provide a short-term loan to retain DelMorgan’s Institutional Investment Banking team.

• Reimburse the “Retainer Loan Investor’s” loan and use the funds to empower your growth plan.

Retainer Lending


• Review “IWFT’s Client List.” Choose a company that interests you.

• Become a “Retainer Lender” by providing a 3- to 6-month loan to hire the DelMorgan Institutional Investment Banking team to secure funding.

Earn Returns

• Receive all of your capital plus interest back as soon as the company is funded.

• Retain an equity stake, dividends along the way, and a share of the sale when the company is sold.

Find Out More

If you are an early-stage company looking for funding or an investor interested in being a retainer lender, our team is ready to provide more information.