Retainer Lending Is The Future

Through our innovative investment platform, we help investors secure equity without tying up their capital long term.

Why Become A Retainer Lender

Exponential Potential Returns

A tiny percentage of early-stage companies will be wildly successful. Our platform offers a remarkable opportunity for you to find them.

Carefully Vetted Companies

DelMorgan’s world-class Institutional Investment Banking team does the vetting for you. Only companies that pass their rigorous examination are approved.

Don’t Tie Up Your Capital

Provide a short-term loan and receive generous interest plus a small equity stake. Get your money back and do it again to secure equity in company after company.

IWFT Retainer Lender Process


Look at the business summaries of currently available “Approved Clients.” Contact the IWFT team to learn more about the company(s) you are interested in.


Fill out the application to become a “Retainer Lender” and provide the $50,000 or $150,000 retainer loan required to hire DelMorgan’s Institutional Investment Banking team.


Receive 1% interest each month until your loan is repaid (typically 4-6 months). Also receive warrants equivalent to 2% of the company when funding is secured.

Earn Returns

No further investment is required. As a shareholder, receive dividends and a payout when the company you helped gets sold or completes a secondary funding.

Become a Retainer Lender