A Better Way To Raise Capital

Retainer financing allows early-stage companies access to higher quality
funding mechanisms through Institutional Investment Banking.

Why Use I Would Fund That

New Product Development

R&D, expand manufacturing, acquire promising IP.

Working Capital

Add staff, rent, supplies, additional equipment.

Grow With Marketing

Better marketing tools, advertising, add sales staff, expand to new markets.

The better way to fund your company’s growth.


Early-stage companies have limited funding options. While they need funding to rapidly develop products, scale up with efficient operations, and create effective marketing machinery, the traditional startup financing options either don’t provide adequate funding or demand so much control and equity that it actually increases the chance of failure.

For many reasons, the best funding option is often Institutional Investment Banking.

• Institutional Investment Banking typically demands less equity.

• Institutional Investment Banking is “smart money” from institutional sources that aren’t seeking control of the company.

• The funding mechanisms can be tailored to the needs and desires of the company as a combination of investment, loans, future options, etc.

But the Institutional Investment Banking option hasn’t been available to small or early-stage companies… until now.

How Institutional Investment
Banking Compares

Institutional Investment Banking

Requires high level of skill

“Smart money” from institutional investors who typically don’t want “control” of the company they fund

Institutional Investment Banking companies like DelMorgan stay engaged and available to support additional stages of growth or acquisitions

Typically isn’t a route that’s available to companies who aren’t already at 10+ million in annual revenue

Friends & Family

Very common

Rarely raises enough to see early-stage company through to success

Often creates a mess for the company when they try to secure additional funds

Crowd Funding

Helps with the development of a specific product or one-off project

Not an effective way to generate significant funds to build capacity, marketing, or operational machinery

Works best for investors who are personally interested in products / projects, and are willing to be rewarded for their donation with product or SWAG

Funders can’t secure any long-term interest in the company

Traditional Venture Capital

Often ends up being “bad money

Owners can lose control to funders who have too much influence in the company yet little understanding or expertise in the category

If too much dilution occurs, owners / founders tend to lose the passion and commitment required to see the venture through to success

The IWFT Process To Secure Funding


Fill out the form below to contact IWFT and receive a funding application. We’ll execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement and will call you to start the process.


We’ll conduct a thorough review of your business plan, track record, products, and services to determine if your company is ready to become a high-growth client.

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The IWFT team and DelMorgan will thoroughly review your business plan, products/services, track record, business category, competition, etc. If they determine your company has 10X+ growth potential, you will become an “Approved Client.” At this stage, IWFT will also determine whether you need to be on the “Startup” or “Early-Stage” track.  

What’s the difference?

“Startups” are typically still in the product/service development stage. They don’t have an established sales track record and are typically looking for less than two million dollars. 

“Early-Stage” companies typically have established products and services and steady income flow. They are seeking two million to five million dollars to take their business opportunities to the next level through product enhancement, additional products, new markets, team expansion, marketing, etc…)

Retainer Loan

We secure a Retainer Lender for each Approved Client. Retainer Lenders receive 1% per month interest and a 2% equity stake for funding the DelMorgan team.

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Early-Stage Companies: For “Early-Stage” companies seeking over two million dollars, the Retainer Lender provides the $150,000 Retainer Loan necessary to hire DelMorgan’s Institutional Investment Banking team to do a thorough analysis, develop the pitch deck, identify the best institutional investors for the project, and make the pitches to raise the funds.

Startup Companies: For “Startup” companies seeking less than two million dollars, the Retainer Lender provides $50,000 to DelMorgan’s team to do a thorough analysis and develop the pitch deck. IWFT’s team will secure the investors with the assistance of the information developed by DelMorgan’s experts.


When funding has been secured for your company, the funds will be quickly disbursed so you can pay off the Retainer Lender’s loan and put your growth plan into action.

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Early-Stage Companies: As soon as DelMorgan’s team secures the capital, funds will be disbursed quickly so you can pay off the Retainer Lender’s short-term loan and put your growth plan into action.

Startup Companies: IWFT’s team will secure investors for the $500K – 2M necessary to help the Startup company get launched. As soon as the IWFT team secures the capital, funds will be disbursed quickly so you can pay off the Retainer Lender’s short-term loan and put your plans into action. This initial capital raise is “Phase 1.”

If additional “Phase 2” funding is desired after the Startup gets launched, IWFT and DelMorgan will re-engage to secure funding from institutional investors. The “Phase 1” investors have the option to stay in or be bought out when the “Phase 2” money comes in.

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